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From Hair to Healing

For the last 20 plus years of my life I’ve been in the hair business. Through all the drama, and ridiculousness of the business I still loved it. I loved it for the clients, who most became friends. I loved it for the kids and I loved that I got the opportunity to make people feel better about themselves. To walk out feeling ten times better than they did when they came in. I got to make a difference in people’s lives and be creative at work. Sounds pretty amazing, right!?

It was… until covid hit. I was forced to close my doors. After 2 months and talking to others in the business and other congressman who were on the sides of salons, barbers, and gyms. We decided to have our own protest by opening a month earlier then the state allowed. We did so safely, and with many precautions being taken. I had no choice; I could not get any help through the government. My bills were piling up. And I had to try to save my shop. This was my dream. I put my heart and soul into this, and it showed. I was on the verge of losing my home and my business. And I had to try.

Even though not one case of covid came out of my shop, unfortunately, this upset people in my community and led me to have to close my doors all together due to a lack of support. I was hurt. Where were these “friends” in my time of need? I was always there for them? After this loss I just didn’t have it in me to reopen. I know many stylists are feeling the same way. Many of us have realized that these friendships were very one sided. Many of us have not gone back to doing hair.

I decided to follow my dreams. I had been practicing reiki for a while already. Reiki is the most beautiful gift I had ever been given. And after seeing all of the devastation in the community after covid, I decided we were in dire need of something positive in all the negativity. A light in the darkness. So, I started on a brand-new venture. I took classes on many different healing modalities and became certified to teach. I took counselling classes and mindfulness training among other things. When I was learning all of this stuff, I found myself wondering what I may have done differently if I had known this stuff my whole life? Rt there I realized just how important it is that our kids get these skills early. So, my reiki practice grew into something more. A safe haven. A place where kids or families could come to have fun or relax while they are learning valuable skills. Skills that will benefit them throughout their entire lives.

I have online and in person classes. Healing and training. And I absolutely love it. This is absolutely my dream come true. I still get to help people, make people feel better, and be a positive in their lives. I get to empower people to be there best and remind them they are perfect just the way they are.

When people leave a session, they are happier, they feel better, and they feel more able to cope with life. They are in less pain, and in better spirits. They are thinking more clearly and making better decisions. They feel reiki working. And that is all it takes to become a believer.

If this is something you have not tried or are feeling like your just not sure about the whole thing, Try it. Then decide. Xoxo


“it’s crazy i’m actually feeling a lot more stable today n less negative; first day in weeks !”

“I feel like yesterday i had some sort of break through honest to God. Thanks to you !”

“I appreciate that thanks so much. i’m def gonna keep up with the reiki. i get so much out of it”

“I had a truly incredible mind changing experience with my reiki sessions . Danielle has a way with people and i was able to feel calm and comfortable throughout. The reiki definitely gave me a sense of healing and hope that i desperately needed. Highly recommend !”

“Danielle has amazing energy, I had a very healing and peaceful reiki session with her utilizing crystals, and It was exactly what I needed, its what everyone needs these days. Highly, highly recommend”

Here are just a few testimonials

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Danielle Strano,

2 of Hearts Healing Center


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