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Happiness Means Risking Feeling Vulnerable

When you think of happiness, you don’t often think of being vulnerable. However, to truly feel happy and confident in your choices, you have to be prepared to experience moments of vulnerability.

This is typically seen when individuals must make decisions or changes in order to be happier. While the choices are hard, they certainly aren’t easy to endure.

If you’re currently in an unhappy state and want to improve your overall state of well-being, prepare yourself for moments of vulnerability by taking an introspective look at their connection.

Expressing Your True Desires

It takes courage to be your true self and express what makes you truly happy. Especially when you’re used to assimilating.

This involves not being afraid to state your preferences whether serious or in vain. When you stand up for your true self and what you enjoy, you’re running the risk of being made fun or even shunned. That’s why it’s so important to be confident in yourself and not worry about what others think.

One way to do this is to have faith in your interests. If your preference makes you happy, own it. Your happiness is far more valuable than the approval of others. When you start to put yourself first, you’ll begin to notice a shift in your esteem.

Not Being Afraid to Say No

When you want to take control of your happiness, there will be things you have to give up or simply stand up for. These could be cutting off negative people, saying no to a heavy workload, or just saying no to plans.

Saying no in order to achieve happiness puts you in a vulnerable situation because you don’t know how your actions are impacting someone else. You may feel like you’re letting someone down because you’re choosing to say no. This could cause a great deal of stress.

In order to overcome this, put yourself first. If you’re compromising your happiness just to appease someone else, is it really worth it in the end? Will you feel good about your decision? Probably not.

Therefore, never be afraid to say no when it comes to making yourself happy. This will help you to make better choices that are beneficial to your future and well-being.

You’ll also develop a healthy self-confidence in the process. You won’t be faced with the struggle of living a life that wasn’t designed for you. Instead, you’ll take full ownership of your actions and future.

Making Hard Choices

When you have to leave a toxic job or relationship in order to feel happy, this can bring on a host of vulnerable feelings. To begin, you may not know what will happen next. You may not have the appropriate savings established to go out on your own.

In addition, you may run the risk of hurting someone else in the process of making yourself happy. This can bring on feelings of guilt, loneliness and regret.

Therefore, when you make hard choices that are beneficial to your overall happiness, it’s best to ride through the vulnerable stage with the hopes of becoming a stronger person. In time, you’ll feel happy that you stuck it out and make the best decision for your future.

In summation, feeling happy is an awesome emotion that comes with a host of benefits. Unfortunately, those benefits may require some tough times and hard decisions.

That’s why it’s best to move past the uncomfortable issues and seek your happiness first and foremost. Once you push through the challenging aspect of your journey, you’ll begin to see an overall improvement in your disposition and happiness. This makes the journey worthwhile and meaningful.

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