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We Can Change The World

Updated: Apr 24, 2021

WE Can Change the World, starting with one little heart at a time. This program came to me because it has just been breaking my heart to see and hear all of these stories about children unable to cope with anxiety and depression…well with life. I needed to do something to try to help. After taking some classes and doing a lot of research on coping skills and healing techniques I found myself wishing I had known this stuff my whole life. I wondered what decisions I would have made differently if I was first taught to go within for answers rather than always look for something outside of myself.

I believe a lot of the issues our kids have are due to overstimulation and a lack of emotional intelligence or vocabulary to process their feelings, so most of the time our children get so frustrated they have tantrums or just shut down all together.

Children who experience ACES (adverse childhood experiences, Ill attach CDC report) almost always grow up and experience anxiety, depression, addiction. Our kids never stop anymore. School pushes them harder; society pushes them harder. When really what we need to be doing is the exact opposite… Slowing them down

We need to go back to a time when things were simpler. We need to teach them how to interact, self sooth, play alone, how to use their imagination. I want to arm them with everything I wish I had. I truly believe from the bottom of mt heart if I would have gone out into the world with these coping skills, with plans in place for if I failed, with an unconditional love-based support system, I would have made better choices and avoided a lot of unnecessary pain. While we can’t always prevent bad experiences from happening to our children, we can give them the tools to empower them. We are waking up in a world that seems more bad then good anymore, we can’t deny it any longer. Our kids will be facing this as adults one day and it’s our responsibility to prepare them as best we can, in a safe, supportive and loving environment. Through yoga, meditation, breathing, mindfulness, art therapy and reiki we can give them a solid foundation. Instill hope, love, and confidence.


This is my vision for this program. If we can successfully spread love starting with our kids, think of how much better the world will be in 5, 10 years. This project is dedicated to my nephew. Profits will be donated on his behalf to the FoxG1 Research Foundation. This foundation funds research into FoxG1 syndrome, a rare genetic disorder, which my nephew was diagnosed with at 1 year old. Due to complexity and variability of this disorder, funding is essential to develop clinical trials and treatment plans to work toward a cure. Please help me bring this vision into a reality. Together, united, we can make a difference! We can change the world

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