Child/Teen's Emotion Code Healing

  • 1 hour

Service Description

In today's world, most of our kids are really having a tough time navigating emotions. More children are starting talk therapy with questionable results. Here kids will focus on learning and understanding their emotions, and how to regulate their nervous system when they are triggered, and they will release the trapped emotions that are holding them back or keeping them stuck in negative behavior patterns. They will be using muscle testing to figure out what emotions are trapped, identify triggers, and learn coping skills and emotional regulation techniques. They will learn how to apply these skills in their life and how to calm their system when they get overwhelmed. This is not a one size fits all method. Each Child's care plan will be tailored to them so they can get the skills they need most to thrive. I have spent the last few years working with children with anxiety, I have been able to use and perfect many methods to help children understand and overcome their big emotions while making it fun. My goal is to help children learn and understand and release their emotions so they can thrive as adults one day and not tip into overwhelm. **This method is best when booked in 3 session packages, available on the plans and pricing page. Sessions are held once a week on zoom and run for about an hour.

Cancellation Policy

Due to long appointment times and waitlists, 24 hours notice is preferred for cancelations. 6 Hours is mandatory. Cancellations and no-shows under 6 hours will be charged a Cancelation fee of $50 to &65 Or half of the service price. You will be invoiced and must pay that before your next visit. Thank you for understanding how hard it is to fill a 2-hour time slot in some cases, with no notice, and how badly that would affect the business. xo

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