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"It is a therapeutic experience unlike any other I have been through.  In a great way.  I highly recommend"


"Root Cause Therapy has been extremely beneficial and I recommend it to anyone who has been struggling with difficult emotions.  I was in a dark place for a long time and now am able to feel more comfortable and confident in my everyday life!"

Root Cause Therapy

"Absolutely amazing experience! Made me feel at home and comfortable right away. I really appreciated the time spent getting to know what I was hoping to get out of the session. Danielle gave me great advice and the reiki healing session was incredible! I could feel the energy flowing thru me and I left feeling fantastic. Highly recommended!! Absolutely loved it!"


" I had a truly incredible, mind changing experience with my reiki sessions.  Danielle has a way with people and I was able to feel calm and comfortable throughout.  The reiki definitely gave me a sense of healing and hope that I desperately needed.Highly reccomend! 

Katie Jacobs

" My relationship to feelings of being ashamed has reframed to allow me to feel more comfortable in my own skin (act as I feel in the moment) leaving me more free to enjoy life more easily and without second guessing my actions or filter my speech to make others more comfortable. I am less angry and less reactive to the words of others and I no longer fear others perception of my actions; I feel more aligned with myself daily.
Danielle presents a very warm, welcoming and non-judgmental approach and vibe; her energy is very soothing. The brief relaxation exercise she leads her clients through as she begins the journey into the events which created the limiting belief makes it easy to open up fully and relax into the work. She was very present and helpful during the reprocessing of the event bringing her own style to the process which facilitated an easy transition for me. She worked easily and smoothly between ALL the emotions coming up from the event making it easy and safe to find the learnings and bring them back to now. Observing the timeline as I came back to now was actually fun as I had an instantly different relationship to them as they flashed up. She was truly with me every step of the way! I very much enjoyed my session with Danielle and was able to gently let go of the baggage and find my way to the learnings. I felt confident in presenting the emotions surrounding the event and knew there would be no harm in re-visiting because I knew on a deep level I would be supported and safe in doing so. I would work with Danielle again in a blink! Working with Danielle left me feeling lighter in my body, clearer in my thinking and easily found my way to a more stable emotional state during interactions with others both personally and professionally since our session. " 


Danielle has amazing energy. I had a very healing and peaceful reiki session with her utilizing crystals. and it was exactly what I needed.  Its exactly what everyone needs these days.  Highly, highly recommend.

Jeanette Schroeder Barone

working with Danielle has allowed me to figure out what is holding me back and allowed me to work on fixing it. I love these sessions because she is not telling me whats wrong with me, she says she accepts all parts of me, and is helping me to accept and love these parts also.  The sessions allow me to see for myself what I can do better, and allows me to get advice directly from my subconscious or higher self,  It is incredible.  each week the learnings I get blow my mind. Highly recommend! 

Calvin Smith

I have gotten more out of 3 sessions with Danielle then I have in the past 4 years of traditional talk therapy.  I am seeing things so clearly now. The awareness of how I picked up these limiting beliefs really helps me too.  Its actually really funny how I picked up some of them. Going back to these memories as an adult to process them has really helped me bring the knowledge I have now back to my younger self.  Its a beautiful process.

Suzanne Levis

"It is such a supportive 

environment and a great experience"

 therapy client

"I have been with Danielle a couple sessions now and already see the benefits of this therapy.  Its beneficial in many forms and I see the being the future for addiction therapy!"


"A good place to come that is very relaxing and healing"

 therapy client

"I think Root cause therapy can be a powerful tool in changing undesirable life patterns"

Ellen - RCT

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