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How Empaths Can Better Develop Their Intuition

Most empaths have a strong sense of intuition. Along with the ability to feel more for others and along with their high-level sensitivity, most empaths are already open conduits and can access non-linear knowledge more easily in the form of gut feelings, dreams, and visions.

However, not all empaths seem able to manage their intuition well. There could be times when empaths sense strong emotions and energies from other people around them, but that doesn't always convey their truth. As an empath without a strongly developed sense of intuition, you run the risk of being overwhelmed and overcome by all the energies and emotions surrounding you, and not be able to distinguish them from your own.

Some empaths feel like a walking antenna of the rest of the world's emotions and end up with high-level anxiety. Others amplify other people's sentiments instead of their own. Being an empath can be a special gift, but left unharnessed it can also feel like a curse for many.

It may take some time and experience to develop and fully bloom into an empowered empath, but it is worth every effort. One of the greatest benefits is the unique and special gift known as intuition. To help their innate abilities work in their favor, empaths need to learn to act on their own intuition.

Doing these things can help empaths best develop their intuition for their own good:

" Regular Meditation Practice

One of the best ways empaths can develop their intuition is by cultivating a regular meditation practice. Five minutes of daily meditation at the start doesn't seem much but over time, meditation effectively helps train the mind to relax and consequently, induce a natural state of mindfulness. Meditation can be a very powerful tool to enable empaths to learn to silence their racing thoughts and more easily access their intuition.

" Developing Self-awareness

It takes a high level of self-awareness for empaths to realize that the emotions they may be holding on are not their own, and to have the wisdom to release it and to make space for intuition. Greater self-awareness is also one of the benefits of practicing meditation constantly.

Tune in to yourself. Examine your thoughts, feelings, and ask, is this emotion really mine? The ability to let go of emotions that aren't yours, those which you might have absorbed from others, will allow you to make space for your own intuition.

" Finding Your Center

One of the biggest blocks to accessing our intuition is a mind in its noisy, restless state. Likewise, a body in an unbalanced state will also be a poor conductor of energy making it difficult to access your higher consciousness. This is because when the body is tired, a foggy mind follows.

This is where learning to find your center becomes so crucial. When an empath's mind is clear, it is easier to gain a sense of clarity and for intuition to become clearer. With practice, empaths can learn to stay balanced no matter what's happening around them.

" Taking Care Of The Self

Part of learning to find your center involves achieving a sense of balance. Balance becomes the result when a person is properly taking care of their wellbeing. This may require taking better care of your physical health by working out regularly, eating healthy and nutritious food, as well as sleeping enough hours, or maintaining healthy sleeping habits.

These simple things are the big things that comprise our entire well-being, and when these needs are taken care of, it's easier to function at your best self and achieve balance, resulting in a stronger, clearer mind. Many empaths may struggle to consistently practice these basic and self-care routines when they don't have boundaries developed. But these are keys to a sound mind and body, for intuition to thrive.

" Regular Decluttering

If there's anyone who may need regular decluttering, it's an empath. It's not because empaths are generally messy people. However, because every little thing, either living or inanimate object, possesses some energy, being surrounded by chaos and constant distractions in the home or workspace can create energetic barriers and impede intuition.

As helpful as it is for empaths to regularly unload their feelings and emotions, it applies to their physical surroundings too. Maintaining a clutter-free space helps enable empaths to feel lighter and allow intuition to flow

xo Danielle Strano

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