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Tips for Creating Your Own Zen Space at Home

Are you looking for a way to create a zen space at home? We've created this guide to help you create your own zen space at home. It includes tips for creating the right ambiance, as well as decorating and organizing tips.

You can use these tips to create a relaxing environment that allows you to unwind after a long day. Whether it's a bedroom, living room, or even bathroom, you can use these ideas in any space.

Your home needs to be a sanctuary, an oasis of peace and comfort, where you can forget about the daily hustle and bustle and relax completely.

Enrich your home, refine it and start good energy with the help of several leading principles to make your Zen space.

How to Find the Perfect Place for Your Zen Spot

· Before deciding which part of your house/apartment is best for creating a Zen Spot, you should consider the following:

· A room that has a lot of natural light, which could mean that the room is facing south or east for the sunlight to come through the windows

· Large windows to open and let the breeze clear out the room

· Think about whether you feel more comfortable in a small or large space

· Check that the lighting creates the right ambiance for your relaxation time, although you can always add lamps and candles

· Paint the walls to a color that relaxes and soothes you. Don't be afraid of adding color to the walls. Once you've painted the room, you will be surprised by how uplifting and calming it can be, depending on which color you choose.

· Keep furniture to a minimum, but choose pieces that help you relax and are comfortable

· Check the acoustics and pay attention to hearing noises from the rest of the home and the street. If you get distracted by other noises easily, bring a speaker into the room to play soothing meditation music or natural sounds.

The 5 Best DIY Tips for Creating Your Own Zen Space

Tip # 1

When decorating the room, consider using Feng Shui to add minimal items to the room. The less cluttered a space is, and the more air can move through it, the more peaceful the room can become.

Tip # 2

Choose many comfortable cotton pillows and blankets. Throw pillows on the floor and spread the blanket over a bed, sofa, or meditation chair.

Tip # 3

Choose/make wooden wall shelves on which you will keep candles, crystals, plants, essential oils, and incense sticks. Decorative little things are of great importance. Carefully choose the ones that will incite positive energy in you. Add frames with pictures that inspire and calm you. You can also add frames with affirmations.

Tip # 4

Play with lighting. In addition to natural light, bring lamps into that space. You should be able to adjust the lighting level. Sometimes you will enjoy a soothing atmosphere, and sometimes you will want more light.

Tip # 5

Consider adding a selection of plants. It doesn't have to be flowers. Depending on your level of commitment to plants, choose the right ones for you. Avoid plastic ones.

Plant Care and Adding Foliage to Beautify the Environment

Try to make your own zen garden in which you will feel completely free. Plants are an organic part of the Zen principle and strongly influence the energy of space and mood.

If you want to add flowers, you should be familiar with their role in the garden and "journey" through Zen. Flowers can be colorful, but not much so as not to distract.

Don't feel the pressure that you must fit a lot of different plants. Although cultivating plants encourages a sense of peace, if you are inexperienced, you can choose several cacti. They do not require much care.

Whatever plant you choose, don't forget to give it the care it needs. It means watering it as needed, providing as much natural light as it requires.

Try to play instrumental music in the background occasionally. Various studies reveal the positive impact of instrumental music on plant growth and development.

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